About Peter

Professional Profile

From Perth, Western Australia, Peter's first role was with DIALix, arguably Australia's first commercial Internet provider, supporting end-user Internet apps on the Unix shell. Peter now has 28 years experience in the IT industry in various roles. Today, he retains skills in: systems administration, development, project management and business strategy.

Peter is a member of these industry and community organisations:

Peter has completed these certs and qualifications:

Education and certifications don't mean practical experience, of course, but they do mean the practical experience you gain is guided by strong founding principles, and the lessons you learn from experience are more likely to be the right ones.

In 2014, Peter founded the Prize for IT Professional Practice at Murdoch University, awarded annually for the best academic achievement in ICT521 IT Professional Practice. This unit focuses on current expected professional practice in the industry, and the legal and ethical challenges raised by new technologies. (Note: the award requires a High Distinction mark, and not all years have a student who qualifies. It's a unit that can take IT students out of their comfort zones.)

In 2023, Peter received a Continuous Improvement Professional Award from the Management & Strategy Institute.

Outside of Work

Peter maintains interests in professional development, industry meet-ups, TV and movies (favourite genres: sci-fi, comedy, and horror), and computer games. He is also a supporter of micro-lending to help reduce poverty worldwide, through Kiva.