Documents and Policies

These documents cover but may be overridden by site-specific policies where appropriate:

Cookies Policy
Short version: We only use one cookie, used to manage server-side sessions. We use no tracking cookies or any from third parties.

Privacy Policy
Short version: We collect only the essentials to do business and don't share any information collected with anyone else.

Terms of Service
Short version: Don't do bad things, and we're all sweet. Here we explain what "bad things" are, in the context of this website.

Frequently Asked Questions
Short version: Contains questions that nobody actually asked, with answers we hope will be useful anyway.

Mission Statement
Short version: Lets use our resources well to grow through empowerment, but keep a sense of humour.

Ethical Sourcing and Modern Slavery Policy
Short version: We do not engage in modern slavery practices and aim to not do business with those who do.

Acknowledgement of Country
Short version: Respects to the Nyungar and Ohlone